CTC and blood testing

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We are developing CTC-based tests to monitor cancer.

What are CTC?

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) are viable agents directly responsible for cancer aggressiveness. From the earliest stages of cancer development, CTC are shed by the primary tumor and circulate through the bloodstream. The dissemination of CTC plays a critical role in rising secondary tumors in distant organs.  
The follow-up of CTC rates is a powerful biomarker of cancer progression.

High levels of CTC are associated with :

  • A high risk of metastasis
  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy resistance
  • Higher recurrence and lower patient overall survival

How can CTC detection in blood help cancer monitoring?

As CTC reflect dynamic changes in tumors overtime, their sensitive detection from clinical samples can serve as an effective tool for cancer monitoring.

From simple blood draws, Oncosema technology gives real-time insights into cancer development from its start with many advantages:

  • Assessment of cancer aggressiveness to help choosing the first line treatment
  • Follow-up patients’ response to therapy
  • Early detection of cancer recurrence