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Our mission

We are a purpose-driven company.

Our mission is to fight back cancer by shedding light on cancer monitoring thanks to actionable blood tests, improving patient management.

Our story

It all started with a conviction

the one that detecting CTC with a blood draw is the cornerstone of cancer management.


CTC are targets full of information because there are the viable agents directly responsible for cancer progression and aggressiveness. In the meantime, detecting signs of cancer at the cellular scale allows a general approach, easily useable in routine and complementary of molecular analyses.


Moreover, CTC are easily accessible, thanks to a simple blood draw which is a minimally invasive and harmless intervention for patients. Finally, to be deeply impactful, we believe that a test must be widely used and thus affordable and adapted to labs workflow. Our tests are dedicated to Oncologists, to assist them to choose the best therapeutic options for their patients.

Our team

Founded in June 2022, Oncosema operates an exclusive license of a patent from Instituto Português de Oncologia (Porto). Our team is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and selling tests for oncology, based on the determination of the CTC rate in blood, as a biomarker of cancer progression.


Founder and President

Anne-Laure MOUGENOT, PhD


Clément AUGER, PhD

Scientific Researcher


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Our ecosystem

La FrenchTech Clermont Auvergne



What does Oncosema stand for?

What does Oncosema stand for?

ONCO stands for oncology, of course.  
SEMA comes from ancient Greek: it means “sign”. That’s what we do: detecting signs of cancer, to help caregivers improving patients’ care so that they can live a longer and healthier life.